Kunal Sen Showreel Jan 2011


Hello peeps! Most of 2010 was spent freelancing between Electronic Arts, Giant Ant Media and Kaldor, as well as working on "CMYK" by Marv Newland at the NFB. I've had a very productive year, and worked on several interesting projects- from an Augmented Reality project with Kaldor featuring Malcolm Gladwell, to Motion Graphics for game menus at EA. From an experimental animation using thousands of paper scans ("CMYK") to creating a short educational film for little kids to be shown in schools.

Earlier in 2010, I got back to Vancouver in April after 3 action-packed months in India, which included teaching an Introductory Animation Course at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, a freelance gig for Bangalore International Airport as well as spending time with friends, food and family. 'Bombay Chaupati' is a short vignette I made while in the Bombay using my (then) newly bought Canon 7D.

I am currently in India, where I will be traveling around for a while, as well as freelancing. I head back to Vancouver in mid March via two weeks in Europe. Please feel free to email me at mail.kunalsen at gmail dot com if you'd like to get in touch with me regarding work or just to say hi!

Jan 15th 2011


I am a freelance Animation Designer + Filmmaker based between Canada and India.
I work mostly in the medium of 2D, Experimental and After Effects animation. I studied Graphic Design and Film in India before specializing in Animation in Canada.