"Ud Jayega" (The Empty Train)

“Ud Jayega” (The Empty Train) was an outcome of The Kabir Lab (a collaborative project on the 6th century Indian poet Kabir) in my final year in Srishti. Inspired by the song “Ud Jayega Hans Akela” (The Swan will fly away Alone) by Indian Classical Vocalist Pandit. Kumar Gandharva, the film creates a contemporary metaphor for the ideas expressed in the song.

This film was intended to be a part of a larger Documentary Film being made by our Course Coordinators, film maker Shabnam Virmani and Indian Classical Vocalist Tara Kini.

"The song talks about the inevitability of Death, and of the fact that nothing in this world is permanent. I used the metaphor of the Indian Train (to which I am very drawn to) as this symbol of impermanence, where people fill and leave the train having completed their journeys… Created completely in Flash, I put a lot of effort into the Soundtrack to help heighten the mood of the film. I was unable to actually use the title song due to copyright issues."