A Sketch to a Film

Hua Noor storyboard
Looking through my Hua Noor working files on my comp. Found the initial scans for the drawings and backgrounds! Really funny to think that what one sees as the final, finished, worked-on, thought out film was once just a crude idea in someone's drawing book.

Mike, our Film and Video faculty at Srishti and I were once discussing that Animation could tend to be a lonely journey, where the complete idea of the film only exists in the mind of the Animator.This was in context of the fact that I had joined the Film/Video Dept. at Srishti (as there was no Animation Dept.) and was making Hua Noor while my batch mates were shooting live action films.

I feel that working within the Film/Video Dept. helped me look at Animation as not an end in itself (which a lot of tripped out animation can be) but as a visual medium in the larger broader context of film.