Soup Girl

An image inspired by Japanese animator Koji Yamamura.
"A hot bowl of soup high up in a storm..."
Set in a 'normal' scenario, I wanted the girl to be afraid of the soup, which causes her world to literally fall apart. The storm is in her head, and causes the lines in the drawing to fly out of the screen one by one. The image gets emptier slowly as the storm gets stronger. Finally its just the girl and the soup. And she gulps it quick!


'Mosquito' was a song written by Ishan Dasgupta and myself as part of the Rearviewmirror band-life. I later recorded the song as part of my demo album 'The Deep Ends', with space-cadet Ishaan on vocals, Rzhude on drums and bass, Bruce Lee on the lead and myself on rhythm guitar.

As part of Experimental Animation class, I wish to create an Animated music video for a section of this song- the 'mosquito lead'... (genius of Bruce Lee Mani!) The song is about a mosquito that gets high on human (female) blood. The sex-mosquito preys on un-suspecting women in the city, 'getting higher by the hit!'

"Need a fix now, little lady...
Need your wine to get me high..."