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'The Deep Ends" by Kunal Sen and the Bangalore BIG

"The Deep Ends" is my demo album along with friends/musicians in Bangalore... Ishan Dasgupta, Sankarshan Kini, Bruce Lee Mani and Rzhude. It is rare that one gets the chance to collaborate and work with the very people who have influenced you. This album brings together seasoned professionals with weekend musicians, big names with no names. The music has been recorded in the spirit of non-profit, and is intended for free download/circulation. If you like what you hear, please feel free to burn it, rip it and share it with others!

Rzhude David : bass, backing vocals and drums
Sankarshan Kini : lead guitar
Bruce Lee Mani : lead guitar
Ishan Dasgupta : vocals on 'Mosquito'
Kunal Sen : vocals and guitar

Recorded and Mastered by Rzhude at Acoustic Garden Studios, Bangalore

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